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Before their first of two sold out nights in Brooklyn, NY, Atwood Magazine sat down with Jim to discuss their most recent album, hesitancy to return, and rehabilitation.

It kind of repaired our relationship. Jim Reid: Generally pretty good. I suppose about as well as we can expect really. It actually charted in the UK.

Yeah, it did very well I think. Then, with a little luck, it all just gets together when it needs to. And not that we were masters of that technology. We did have a producer.

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It was the first time we had used a producer but there was also a guy that worked all the computers and stuff, Michael Rendall , and he was amazing. So, in a lot of ways, it was quicker but in other ways it was very much the same.


Reid: Never felt pressured into being anything other than just what you want to do. It was the same with this record. We just made the record that we wanted to hear. That was it.

“Jesus Walked Through Horrible Things”: An Interview With the Supreme Walk Organizer | GQ

There was no pressure really. Reid: Just a record that you could live with at the end of the day. That was always the driving force. That was the reason why we always made records. We wanted to put better music on national radio. Mainly, though, life got in the way. Both had welcomed new children into their lives since the band's split in the late '90s, and Jim, in particular, did not want to leave his young daughters for the several months it would require to lay down a full album. Parenting, he says, changed him. My daughters will fight like cat and dog, but I don't know really what to do about it," he laughs.

Gone are those near-legendary days of nasty infighting, smashed instruments, and audience riots, replaced with something far more civil. Reid doesn't feel that getting older has necessarily tamed their spirited natures, but he and William are now more likely to listen to one another when they argue.

The Jesus & Mary Chain: ‘There’s no place in the world for us’

In spite of the more diplomatic working relationship they have now, he's quick to deny the notion that he and his brother are living proof of the old adage that with age, comes wisdom. That's been my experience. We still make the same stupid mistakes we did 30, 40 years ago. And yes, they cover everything.

Listen to the new Zane x Kanye chat right here. After an expectedly delayed start time, the interview finally aired over an hour behind schedule. As Lowe explained ahead of kickoff, the interview was filmed earlier this week. After some chatting on the tearing down of his concept domes for being "10 feet too high," West compared advertising billboards in Los Angeles to sex-trafficking and claimed to be addicted to pornography. I stand up and say 'You know, it's not OK.

The Interview with Jesus

Calling Dorsey an "incredibly smart visionary," West outlined why he admired him so much, connecting it to his Christianity. I'm thinking of something I wanna say out loud—Christian innovator. When you're thinking about the church—because it has to stand on the word so hard—it loves to be extra traditional to the point of blocking innovation.

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He also noted that the project does have a pastor. Speaking on the sessions behind the new album, West revealed a few temporary lifestyle tweaks he requested from his collaborators.