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My brain hurts. Interestingly however, the old names for each have stuck, so all this blah-blah is moot anyway. By the way, the two are within sight of each other. The start of the trail is at a pull off, east side, room for maybe two cars, about four clicks south of Hwy on the Ware Creek Road gravel and steep in places. First thing, which way to go? The route described in the K-Country hiking books Gillean Daffern says immediately bend right and go up at a gentle grade. As it turns out that way is overgrown with Alders.

The pit of San Pedro: the life and death of a Canadian mine in Mexico

Still we committed to it, not knowing there was an easier path, which we ended up following on the descent. Suggest you use the latter exclusively. So, ignore the guide book and take the one trail that heads west, neither heading up nor down but flanking the wooded hillside. At first the path is a bit faint but after it turns right and starts climbing very moderate grade , it become more pronounced.

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From here on the up is fairly constant but always easy, all the way to the summit — just steep enough so you know it, but hardly a serious workout. Most of the time the trail is in the woods. A cut line is passed and soon on a small clearing with a stone fire pit and stone benches. After a while things start to open up more, occasional meadows or thinning of trees allowing one a look at hills to the east.

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Soon on the summit is reached. Continue on passing a tee-pee shaped shelter of sorts and in no time break out onto a grassy slope.

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Mt Barwell is right to the north. Lots of rolling hills, ridges, bumps, wave after wave of green, with lots of deep gorges separating them, all about. Help the Society. Allsmoke Mountain to the west, a bigger bump than most, is partially obscured on the day of our visit by smoke from forest fires. How oddly interesting. Cough, cough! It got bad. We stood there for half an hour at the summit just looking about in awe — so love the top of a hill, or the woods, or anywhere we are in the wilderness for that matter.

This is first and foremost a science fiction story whose protagonists just happen to be two bisexual men interested in each other.

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This is a setup story for the entire series and they spend more than a half of the novel separated by circumstances - the circumstances being the interstellar war on drugs. In the future, the humanity has invented the antidotes for most today-know Almost, but not quite 4 stars.

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In the future, the humanity has invented the antidotes for most today-known drugs making them legal. So, you can snort cocaine or shoot heroine as much as you like because all you have to do is take an antidote and it will clear your system and prevent addiction. But, for Angel, a newly designed drug, there is no antidote, there is no rehab. It is enough to take Angel once and you are addicted They are paramilitary government-controlled agency.

Only government is light years away, so they pretty much make all field decisions on their own. On every planet, they are top dogs. While one is undercover, the other runs a ship. The world building is the strongest element of the book. The action scenes which include riot armor, shuttles and battle ships are exciting and often heart-stopping. The empathic connection and its consequences were another very good point. The tech jargon might be to much for some readers, but I loved it. This isn't hard sciense fiction exactly , but it isn't far from it either. What story needed was some editing - correction of some errors, some tightening, maybe even cutting of some excess.

But, I have edition and maybe some of it was done in the meantime the first - abridged - edition of this novel was released in ! I remember when I first read the book years ago, this one was the hardest to go through. But, satisfaction surpasses the difficulties by far. The book passed the second reading test and now I have to move on to Equinox. Highly recommended to sci-fi fans. You can read more about the series here. Shelves: gift , sci-fi. Exciting, intense sci-fi story. Maybe a bit too exciting in the battlefield for my taste. But their love is satisfying as well.

The depiction of they sharing Angel dreams quenches my thirst for the romance part. Apr 29, Christopher Moss rated it it was amazing.

It takes over your brain and senses and gives you what you perceive as perfect joy. But in little time it ravages your body and mind, and you die.

Jarrett and Stone are officers on the NARC starship from very different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common — well, two — their dedication to NARC and the fact that each is secretly really into the other. They are on the planet Chell to look into the source of Angel. When Stone goes undercover he is captured and made an Angel addict.

In and around the exciting, frightening, and violent story you become acquainted with how the two men can communicate automatically and serve as rescue beacons for each other. One of the things they learn right away is how they each feel about the other.

They know their careers are inextricably linked now, and they both also know they have a choice of being guinea pigs for NARC or leaving the beloved service. Thankfully there are sequels! Mar 17, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: good , series , slashreaders. In going back through my blog SlashReaders, I must say that I was not very good at giving anyone, anything to actually get on in my reviews. So, in looking back I will say that I have nothing but fond memories of hours spent devours Mel Keegan's books. I remember jumping around like an idiot in a used book store in London, when I found a copy of Equinox.

I now own original and the later self published editions of many of Keegan's works. While, I am not one to go back and reread books I look f In going back through my blog SlashReaders, I must say that I was not very good at giving anyone, anything to actually get on in my reviews. I look forward to the day when Keegan pulls me back into this series.

As some of his books list among the few that I have read multiple times. My favorite being 'Fortunes of War'. And now on to the actual book in question, 'Death's Head'. This is the beginning of a much longer arching set of books that spans a great, vast, and amazing world. If you are looking for a space and a variety of characters to sink yourself into, then take the plunge and dive on in.