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Cast Attributes Expandable casting. Casting Notes Casting includes various characters. Resources Available Services. More Authors. Douglass Parker.

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Now Playing. Community Experiences. Cleon had subsequently prosecuted him for slandering the polis — or possibly the producer, Callistratus, was prosecuted instead. Old Comedy was a highly topical form of drama and the audience was expected to be familiar with the various people named or alluded to in the play. Here is a short, selective list of identities named in the play:.

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The Peloponnesian War and Aristophanes' personal battle with the pro-war populist, Cleon , are the two most important issues that underlie the play. The Spartans were the dominant military power on the Greek mainland and consequently Athenians were reluctant to venture on foot far from the safety of their own city walls. Most Athenians had lived in rural settlements up until then. While sitting on the Pnyx , Dikaiopolis gazes longingly at the countryside and expresses his wish to return to his village.

Thus the ambassadors who return from Persia and Thrace are resented by Dikaiopolis because he has been living roughly as a sentry on the battlements while they have been enjoying themselves abroad. The causes of the war are explained by Dikaiopolis in a manner that is partly comic and partly serious.

His criticisms of Pericles and The Megarian Decree appear to be genuine but he seems to be satirizing the historian Herodotus when he blames the war on the kidnapping of three prostitutes [68] Herodotus cites the kidnappings of Io , Europa , Medea and Helen as the cause of hostilities between Greeks and Asiatics. The Acharnians in fact features two passages that allude to the work of Herodotus: [69] Dikaiopolis' account of the kidnapping of three women, and the Athenian ambassador's account of his travels in Persia.

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Aristophanes, or his producer Callistratus, was prosecuted by Cleon for slandering the polis with his previous play, The Babylonians. That play had been produced for the City Dionysia , a festival held early in spring when the seas were navigable and the city was crowded with foreigners.

The Acharnians by Aristophanes: A Summary

The audience of The Acharnians however is reminded that this particular play has been produced for the Lenaia , a winter festival which few foreigners attend. These scruples are enunciated by Dikaiopolis as if he were the author or producer. He subsequently presents the anti-war argument with his head on a chopping block, a humorous reference to the danger that the satirist puts himself in when he impugns the motives of influential men like Cleon. The following dramatic elements contain variations from convention:. The standard scholarly edition of the play is S. Douglas Olson ed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For the ancient city of Sicily, see Segesta. The tipsy god: sculpture by Michelangelo. The Dramatis Personae in ancient comedy depends on interpretation of textual evidence. Jeffrey Henderson. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Sommerstein ed , Penguin Classics , p. Boardman, J. Griffin, O.

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The two men go as summoned and return soon after, Lamachus in pain from injuries sustained in battle and with a soldier at each arm propping him up, Dikaiopolis merrily drunk and with a dancing girl on each arm. Everyone exits amid general celebrations, except Lamachus, who exits in pain.

The play is notable for its absurd humour and its imaginative appeal for an end to the Peloponnesian War against the Spartans, which was already into its sixth year when the play was produced. Back to Top of Page.