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2) Increase Sales Per Unit Using NPS and Retention Marketing

If you can make your building immediately recognizable for what you sell, have at it. If you can't you can still put a tall banner from roof to sidewalk in eye-catching colors think forest green instead of a garish fluorescent pink. Again, the goal is not to scream price, but showcase the wants. See if your vendors would co-op to save money. City sign ordinances may seem to not allow but check — usually they will let you have it up for 90 days. Can't put it on the building, you can get freestanding banner holders to place by your doors.

Placed outside, these are used where you cannot use a building banner but with the same message. Costs with weighted banner holder can be a couple hundred dollars and can be changed monthly to refresh your image. They are pushed into the ground and stand three feet high by two feet wide.

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  6. 97 Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Work (Mostly Free)!

For a limited time promotion, these might be a good choice to get your message out into your parking lot or by the sidewalk of a busy intersection. Some are sturdier than others but they do not take much wind. My Little Red Wagon in Hudson, OH uses their portable sign to challenge their customers like this one, "Finish our 9 piece puzzle in less than 5 minutes and get a free puzzle! Weatherproof with a base you can fill with sand, water or anti-freeze, the Windmaster will last for years. Again, check with local authorities on signage regs. I've seen some clients only use them on weekends when the sign inspector is off but when foot traffic is highest.

One of the most successful restaurants in California spends very nothing on ads but a bundle on the landscaping around their restaurants. There is not a patch of earth that is not blooming throughout much of the year. Why do they do this? If you have nothing but sidewalks in front of you, plant up some large pots with something like bright red geraniums and keep them watered, fed and well maintained. In the winter plant junipers and string lights on them. If you have a railing, use that.

  • Local Store Marketing – LSM – Is it Too Hard or are Restaurants Too Lazy??
  • 97 Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas.
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  • If you have nowhere to tie them to, you can use cinder-blocks laid flat to tie the strings through the holes. If you don't like the way cinder-blocks look, disguise them with cloth, burlap or oil cloth. Be sure to use plenty and replace often as helium deflates in the sun. Don't forget, they also look great in malls, just check with your management office first.

    QR codes are those square barcodes you scan to call up information. In a high traffic retail are, these codes are great for providing a customer with product details - at night.

    Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales and Profits

    For example, a customer scans a QR code you've placed in your front window display. When you're closed or they walk buy, the can scan or accept the beacon to go to your website and learn more about a product or order it directly from you. One more tip to standout from your competition, make sure every year you have your parking lot patched and sealed— you have to look new and successful, not old and struggling. Nothing looks more desperate than a person with a red arrow at the sidewalk pointing to the business. The persons chosen for arrow duty are typically the saddest looking people, bored, a pair of headphones in their ears and their eyes vacantly looking into traffic; oftentimes with a cheap beach chair by their side.

    Worse is using your own kids. Is this the image you want for your business? Sticking your old sale merchandise out onto the sidewalk looks like a garage sale. Those driving past will judge you by what you have chosen to represent your business out front which are things no one wanted so you put them on sale. These aren't all the ways to attract customers to your store, get more foot traffic and increase your retail sales, but they can give you an easy lift without a lot of cash outlay. This training is for you if you want to grow your business using a powerful customer experience formula proven to make your cash register chirp.

    I'm ready to win. Skip to main content. Topic: Retail Sales Attract customers retail traffic. By Bob Phibbs. How to attract customers to your retail store? At the other end, you have regular, passionate people, with a dedicated following of just a few thousand people. Reach out to them, thank them for their interaction, and invite them for a full-service meal at no expense. In exchange, all you ask for is a post about their experience with you. When someone searches for something on Google, the first five results receive This one is all about becoming a part of the fabric of your community, and in turn, being the favored restaurant in your area.

    Be honest now — how many little, but common complaints do you have in your operation that you just never get around to fixing? Did you know Google ranks you higher if you have more total reviews, even if some of them are bad reviews? Before you know it, your presence on Google and review sites will be boosted significantly. Use bad reviews as a learning experience to create a better restaurant that keeps people coming back for more.

    How to Attract Customers and Increase Your Store Foot Traffic

    Believe it or not, getting rid of dollar signs on your menu will increase your restaurant sales. For this same reason, you should spell out your prices with words instead of numbers. This will stop people from scanning the menu for the cheapest dish. But if you really want your restaurant to be a household name, you need to dedicate a good portion of serving hours in front of your customers.

    Oh, and all of their friends will also see that they liked your post, giving you a whole heap of exposure. So if someone does visit your website, Facebook can retarget that person afterward, and show them ads for your restaurant to keep you top of mind. And, the studies we conducted internally indicate that the most effective way to retarget is by calling your audience out specifically.

    Continual branding campaigns in newspapers can get expensive, so stick to offering compelling offers that will get people through your doors. Every community has special days in the calendar, such as town anniversaries, or celebrations for the local sports team. So go the extra mile for these days and theme your restaurant with decorations and special themed deals. On the other hand, digital restaurant promotion is relatively inexpensive, supremely targeted, and totally measurable. Jump on the digital train to keep your marketing overheads low, and your return on investment high.

    Social media gives this restaurant promotion idea a way to tap your customers on the shoulder once or twice a week to remind them who you are. Just like marketers, journalists are always looking for a good story. Give your local newspaper or TV station a call and see what sort of stories they might be looking for. You want to make sure that when you post for restaurant promotion, people will be around to read it.

    Content Marketing: 8 Proven Techniques That Drive Sales

    This will get people during their mid-week slump who might be looking for a pick me up with some delicious food after work. And just like that, you have a much better chance of them ordering a high-profit dish, all while speeding up table turnover. Rummage around your old menus and look for dishes that were popular back in the day.

    It might even be something super-retro like fondue. Then you can put a poll on social media and ask your customers to vote for their favorite dish from yesteryear.

    17 Proven Ways to Drive Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

    What is it you do that no other restaurant can say they do? Put a little note in your menu saying that you often give out spot prizes for people who check in to your restaurant on social media. So perhaps a few times a week, randomly pick a customer who has checked in and surprise them at their table with free drinks, or a free dessert.

    Promote the event as a celebration of local cuisine, and get all of the retailers on your street involved. Hand out flyers, offer discounts and encourage people to come in and try a dish made by the people in their own community. Every community has its heroes, so why not bring one onboard for your restaurant promotion? Bonus points if you can make it a fundraiser for a charity, to really make it about the community.

    In , people expect technology to make every aspect of their lives easier, and restaurant reservations are no different. Make sure your menu is first and foremost as a clickable option on your website so that potential customers can get straight to the good stuff. This restaurant promotion is all about street appeal.

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    The windows of your restaurant are the best on-street advertising you can have. Everyone is attracted to a busy restaurant, so make sure you put your first customers next to the window.

    That should be more than enough for them to walk through your doors. For the price of an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, you can get the curiosity of people from half a block away.

    Not only will you attract fans of your restaurant who are looking for an excuse to head out, but fans of the live band as well. Things like the paleo diet, low carb, and even plant-based burgers will be trends in , so keep on top of the game by staying up to date with food blogs. If they zig, you should zag, with a unique experience for your customers that reflects your community and the people in it.